Mont Blanc Tunnel Closures & Steep Price Increase for 2023

One of the main arteries between France and Italy is the Mont Blanc Tunnel. It’s the most economic choice to travel from France to Italy and back in this area. There are alternatives, such as the Grand Saint Bernard mountain pass and the Petit Saint Bernard. However, both involve a big detour and both are closed in winter. The alternative is the tunnel through the Grand St Bernard, which is about as expensive as the Mont Blanc Tunnel and renders this option useless as a detour.

The price level of these tunnels is quite steep, but so are the costs for maintenance. In fact: the prices have been increased per January 1 by slightly more than 7%, making a single trip from Chamonix to Courmayeur 51.5 EUR instead of 48 (Go here for the: full pricing for the Mont Blanc tunnel in 2023)

Mont Blanc Tunnel closures due to maintenance in 2023

Obviously, tunnels need to be maintained: light bulbs changed, damaged tarmac replaced and fire drills to be trained.
Most of this work will be done during nights, in the period from January to March.
The Mont Blanc tunnel is closed from 10pm to 6am on the following days:
January 9: 10pm to 6am (Jan.10)
January 10: 10pm to 6am (Jan.11)
January 11: 10pm to 6am (Jan.12)
January 12: 10pm to 6am (Jan.13)
January 16: 10pm to 6am (Jan.17)
January 17: 10pm to 6am (Jan.18)
January 18: 10pm to 6am (Jan.19)
January 19: 10pm to 6am (Jan.20)
January 23: 10pm to 6am (Jan.24)
January 24: 10pm to 6am (Jan.25)
January 25: 10pm to 6am (Jan.26)
January 26: 10pm to 6am (Jan.27)
February 6: 7pm until 6am on Feb 7th.
February 7: 10pm to 6am (Feb. 8)
February 8: 10pm to 6am (Feb. 9)
February 9: 10pm to 6am (Feb. 10)

Plan your crossing accordingly.

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