Exceptionally dry in the southern Alps

Today, January 31 2022, is the day which marks the beginning of a 3-day snowdump on the north side of the Alps. This large-scale snow event is capable of delivering up to 150cm snow in the western parts of Austria. Snowfall is however expected from the French Savoie-region all the way to eastern Austria, under the influence of a northwestern-storm.

It’s very different on the south side of the Alps.The Suisse meteorological service published a news report about this already on the 19th of January, but it’s still actual: the amount of snow is exceptionally low in the department of Ticino, southern Switzerland.

In Robièi at 1890 meters altitude, there is just 5cm of snow against a long-term average of 134cm. It’s even worse in Bosco Gurin with 1cm of snow against a norm of 86cm and a record of 200cm.

This is not just bad news for the local tourism industry which relies on winter sports activities. In fact, the situation is far more grim: a wildfire (size of 6 hectares) is raging around the Lago Maggiore. The upcoming föhn which is bringing the snow in the north, is making the firefighting more difficult.

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