Cocuzzolo App: Launch end of June

Time is progressing, and so is the programming work for the app. Hundreds of hours of programming will be put in the first version of our Cocuzzolo navigation app for hikers & bikers.

This app will feature a number of things: first of all, it is a navigation app for hikers and bikers. Not just to find your way, but also to record the routes you’ve walked. With recording a route, it’s uploaded to the system and others can use the same route.

This gives some benefits: first of all, you know that’s it’s actually navigable. A real person has already made that particular hike and highlighted the best area’s. And warned of the most dangerous or less pretty parts.
But also added (or you can add) points of interest: drinking points, bivouac fields, lodging or picknick benches to rest.

But we go further: it’s being gamified. You can actually earn points, level up and exchange points for vouchers, coupons or products & services. More features can (and WILL) be added – of course including an iOS and web-version.

Alpha-testing needed

Long story short: by the end of June, the first version will be finalized. For this, we are looking for Alpha-testers. Based upon the feedback of these testers, we will go for a beta-release in the Play-store.

What’s in it for you?

Well: first of all, you’ll be influential to our development roadmap. Your feedback and suggestions are an important input-factor for our further development. When you are up for it, we would like to keep you in the loop as Premium-for-Life members.
What do premium-members get, that normal members don’t get? Good question! First of all, you’ll get the first input in all that we do. New releases, discounts and special events go first to the Premium-users. Also, Premium-user votes count more heavily in future votes on our roadmap.
What more? Well – that depends on what the Premium-users vote for!

Requirements for premium-users

  1. Android-user. Our first product is only workable on Android-phones. iOS versions will follow later.
  2. Hiker or Biker (bicycle). There is little useful input if you don’t hike or bike.
  3. Must be able to comprehend English, as the first product is English-only.

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