Cocuzzolo App

At this moment, the website is hosted as a blog with 2 parts. The version in English language and the Dutch version.
Cocuzzolo originates from the Dutch version – of which the main content has been around on the internet since 2009. Since late summer 2021, the English version and re-branding of the Dutch version has come online. We are converting this blog in the background to a proper tech-startup. The website will be supportive to and part of the platform that we are developing predominantly for mobile usage.

What kind of platform and app? Well, in bullet-points:

  • Navigation app for non-guided activities such as hiking, snow-shoeing and cycling.
  • Suggesting a route based on your health, fitness and group members. But also considering how much time you have or want to spend.
  • Plus some other features on which we can’t elaborate at the moment.
  • Aimed at promoting to be safe and responsible outside of the urban environment, aka “nature”.
  • Gamified: earning rewards with your input and rental of gear.
  • Redeeming points for vouchers or products in the to-be-added-webshop.

Although we are investing ourselves (both financially and with time), we will be starting a crowdfunding campaign later this month.

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* The first users are our “Alpha-testers”. The app isn’t finished at that moment – feedback and bug reports are essential however to the development of the app. Your reward? Life-long premium usage of the app which enables you to be part of the development journey.