Dom de Mischabel (4545 meter)

Dom de Mischabel with left the Täschhorn and right Lenzspitze. Picture from own archive

The Mischabel group is one of the most impressive massifs in the Alps. It is the massif that splits the Matterdal from the Saasdal and flows into the Monte Rosa massif.

Mischabel means “pitchfork” in the local dialect and this refers to the three prongs of the pitchfork: the Täschhorn, Dom and Lenzspitze. All three are on the same level. Often, however, the Dirruhorn (4035m), Hobärghorn (4219m, sometimes written as Hohberghorn), Stecknadelhorn (4241m) and Nadelhorn (4327m) are also included in the Mischabel group, as well as the Alphubel and Allalinhorn which lie south of the Täschhorn.

The Dom de Mischabel is the fifth highest in the Alps and is the highest mountain located entirely in Switzerland (it is not located, like the Dufourspitze on the border with Italy). In the past, the Dom was only called Mischabel, today that name (“Mischabel”) refers to the entire row of mountains between Saas Fee and Zermatt.

At the Dom de Mischabel, the north side is the normal route, which starts from the Domhütte at 2940 meters. The Domhutte is located in the Matterdal above Randa, on the east side of the valley. On the Saaser side, the Mischabelhütte is located at an altitude of 3335 meters. It is also possible to make the hike up from the Kinhütte.

You can climb the Dom de Mischabel with a guide – this can be done from Zermatt as well as from Saas Grund or Saas Fee.

The routes are long, because of the elevation and lead over the various rocky ridges. The east and west sides of the Dom are completely glaciated. On the east side is the imposing Fee Glacier, which is spread over the flanks. On the west side, the glaciers are narrower but longer, with a more typical valley glacier course. The glaciers that drain the ice from the Dom here are (south-north) the Kin glacier (shared with the Täschhorn), the Festi Glacier and the Hobärg Glacier (shared with the Lenzspitze, Nadelhorn and Hobärghorn).

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