Annapurna Circuit day 5: Timang – Dhikur Pokhari

26 April 2014

The group of Koreans wakes us up early and at half past six we are already having breakfast and the backpacks are already packed. The path descends a bit and again you have to cross a suspension bridge. This takes a while, however, as a donkey-like creature stops in the middle of the bridge.

A donkey on the middle of the suspension bridge, near Timang, Nepal.
Keeps on waiting on the middle of the bridge. Donkey!

In the end he walks on, just in time because we hear the Koreans approaching. We have lunch in Chame, the end of the road (as far as there is still a road here) when I write this. We have lunch in Guesthouse Tibet and on the way we see the traces of natural violence: avalanches from last winter.

Avalanche on the northside of Annapurna-ridge (in the valleu)
The remains of an avalanche

The rest of the day, not much happens. We walk through woods, along the river. We see many donkeys and begging children. It’s a good day, despite yesterday’s tough ride.

Dhikur Pokhari Guesthouse
Dhikur Pokhari Guesthouse

Dhikur Pokhari: plenty of guesthouses!

We choose a nice guesthouse, inside well paneled with wood and there is a hot shower (albeit outside). We are here at 3000m altitude so the heat is over and the nights are cold. There are 10 guesthouses in this village, but our Korean friends still choose the same guesthouse as us.

We are both (my wife and I) really looking forward to tomorrow. Tomorrow we will go further up, but also to the other side of the valley. This means that in good weather we will have a view over the Annapurnas, which we have not yet seen (because we walk on the Annapurna side of the valley and look so to the other side). Tomorrow will also bring us to almost 4000m altitude (Dhikur Pokhari is at 3200m)

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